a l y r i c a l


Stephanie Gowdy also known as Alyrical is a visual artist born and raised in South Florida. As an artist Alyrical works with acrylic on canvas along with mixed media graphite and charcoal on paper for portraits. Despite her many struggles in life such as being diagnosed with epilepsy, divorce, and literally losing sight and becoming legally blind Alyrical continues to use her inner vision to live out her purpose. 

Alyrical's vision is that art can be for everyone, using it to not only create awareness for multiple topics but bring society together. One os her favorite bible verses is Proverbs 29:18 "where here is no vision people perish." Alyrical refuses to allow her life setbacks, health issues, or the loss of her sight to stop her sharing her vision and inspiring others to follow their dreams.  


Lake Worth Street Painting Festival / Florida / 2019

Clay Glass Studio / Florida / 2018

Christ Fellowship Live Painting / Florida / 2018

Lake Worth Street Painting Festival / Florida / 2018

Lake Worth Street Painting Festival / Florida / 2017

Lourve Musuem / Paris / 2015

RawArtist Exhibit / Washngton D.C. / 2015

See Me Exhibit / Time Square / 2015

Blue Apple Beginning Book Illustration / 2014

Art Basel/ Miami / 2013

Vibe Gallery / London / 2013

ArtOfficiallyDope Exhibit / Florida / 2012


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